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Biography - Steven Lemmer

Mr. Steven Lemmer has dedicated his career as a Los Angeles Police Officer protecting the citizens of one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the world.  In 1985 Mr. Lemmer joined LAPD and received specialized training and experience encompassing a variety of Law enforcement tactics.  Highly trained in investigative skills, Mr. Lemmer is an expert in the area of proper navigations at a crime scene. 

Mr. Lemmer has worked a variety of assignments such as the Special Problem Unit (SPU), the world renowned Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums unit (CRASH) and detectives where he conducted investigations involving crimes against persons, sex crimes, property, robbery, auto theft, juvenile offenses, child abuse and gang crimes.  Trained within general and specialized investigative schools, he is an authority on proper investigative protocol.

Mr. Lemmer is known for his many years spent as a gang investigator, developing expertise on gang members which led to hundreds of successful prosecutions.

Mr. Lemmer coordinated the deployment of police officers for major demonstrations as well.  Many of the protests involved violent protestors who assaulted officers and attempted to create anarchy.  Mr. Lemmer was able to diffuse and control massive groups using his outstanding tactics and leadership skills.

In 1992, Mr. Lemmer co-founded The Centurion Group, a full-service security company.  With his law enforcement background and customer serve based philosophy; Mr. Lemmer developed The Centurion Group from a single account back in 1992 to a premier security company with local, national and world wide clientele.

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