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Project Implementation


Security Project Implementation

The process for implementing CaseGlobal at your facilities requires very limited time on your part. There is no software installation or equipment necessary other than a web-enabled computer, preferably with a high-speed internet connection. 

The first phase of project implementation involves working directly with your management team to determine how CaseGlobal best suits your needs. Our specialists will evaluate your current security posture, reporting systems, emergency response procedures, and other aspects of your overall facility management plan. Since our applications can be adapted to support various aspects of your organization, this would be an excellent time to include personnel from those departments that would benefit from CaseGlobal. 

Following our initial assessment with your team, you will be provided a project implementation schedule that will outline a timeframe for all facilities to be 'on-line' with CaseGlobal. Our specialists will then begin the task of collecting key information about your facilities such as blueprint schematics and digital images. This phase of the project is completed on-site at each of your locations. 

Once the on-site phase of the implementation is complete, facility information is digitized and uploaded to our secure web-based application. Based on the preferences of your organization, adjustments to the incident reporting system are also completed during this phase. 

During the final phases of project implementation, our team will prepare customized training materials for distribution to the users you identify. Those training materials will also reside on-line so new personnel in your organization can quickly become familiar with the CaseGlobal system. CaseGlobal becomes active upon the completion of the implementation project at each location or simultaneously throughout your organization.

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