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CaseGlobal is a response to a critical aspect of our post-9/11 safety and security environment that is without standardization and without standards. It is a response to the need for the private sector and government to work together not just to prevent catastrophic events, but to respond to them in a coordinated and meaningful way that saves lives and protects assets.

CaseGlobal is the beginning of a new standard for safety and security programs. Our leading edge technology creates a Computer Assisted Security Environment that allows its users to visualize important safety and security related aspects of every facility, anytime. anywhere. Whether it is a digital image of every entrance and exit or the security officer's work instructions, you will have the ability to access that information whenever you need it. This level of real-time knowledge is unprecedented and truly sets the stage for a whole new direction in your facility management plan.

CaseGlobal is an answer to years of frustration in the safety and security management profession. Nearly every department in every organization throughout the world has benefited from new technology focused on the standardization of their programs. With CaseGlobal, your facility management, risk management, and safety and security departments can provide your organization with a systematic method for streamlining and standardizing your company's asset protection plan at every facility throughout the world.

CaseGlobal is an advanced technological solution that allows a business and its supporting governmental emergency response agencies to view and understand, in a real-time environment, how to best allocate security resources. Imagine the ability for you to 'log on' and review the safety and security plans of all your facilities throughout the world. Imagine a way that you could have access to all of the incidents taking place at any company facility.

*Using the latest in digital imagery, document digitization, and physical security expertise, CaseGlobal provides web-based solutions for incident tracking, crisis management, and standardization.

Whether you have one facility or thousands throughout the world, access to important safety and security information wherever you are and whenever you need it is critical to your organization. CaseGlobal is dedicated to the implementation of leading-edge safety, security and risk management information programs in a standardized format that your management team can understand. Every incident report, evacuation route, crisis response plan, facility layout, operations manual, and other important information about each of your facilities is just a point-and-click away.

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